Uncle Davey’s World Halma Challenge

Original playout date: 7 April 2008
Duration: 0:49

This is a game of 10 by 10 halma with a lady called Uschi – a 74 year old lady, by the way, and she beats me by three stones. If a 74 year old can wipe the floor with me, so can you. Find Uncle Davey on http://www.itsyourturn.com which has both paid and unpaid levels of membership, and see how well you beat me at 10*10halma!

An experiment in simple animation as well as a memory of a very fine game.

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Location: On-Line
Other people featured: Uschi
Genre: Game animation
Music used: Not known
Languages used: Halma
Animals/plants featured: Halma men, Homunculus halmae (Linnaeus 1752)


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