Llegar en Madrid (Huliganov’s Madrid Experience #1)

Original YT playout date: 11 May 2008
Duration: 22:24

Going to Madrid, but this is not yet part of the madriid series coming up as the focus is on seeing my place from the air here.

The first of Huliganov’s Madrid Experience series. As ever, we are starting with the arrival, and in the rest of this series we will see the delights of Madrid’s architecture, food, music and dance, as well as touring a very special botanical garden. We start with a view of Spain from the air and a discussion of the olive tree, as well as a potted history of early Madrid in the taxi.

Quote of the clip: “I’m coming into oestrus!”

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Location: Spain
Other people featured: Adam
Genre: Travel
Music used: “Corazon, Corazon” Julio Ignlesias (series theme tune)
Languages used: English, Spanish
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