Uncle Davey’s Cyprus #4/6 – A Walk to Amathus

Original YT playout date: 17 May 2008
Duration: 13:41

This sunken ancient port near to today’s Limassol is barely visible through the waves but the walk there from the hotel reveals several natural curiosities, as this fourth video in my Cyprus series shows.

Based on a gallery of photos, you can see a lot of the natural surroundings near thr seaside, with crows, cats, many plant species and a very interesting egg sac, I think it is, attached to a wooden walkway by some sea creatures.

Quote of the clip: “I think I’ve discovered some alien life form here”

***Statistics and Credits***
Views at the time added to HTV: 545
Likes at the time added to HTV: 5
Dislikes at time added to HTV: 0
Popularity % ” ” ” =L/(L+D): 100.0%
Comments at time added: 2
Total interactions at time added: 7
Total interactions to views 1.3%
Location: Amathus, Limassol, Cyprus
Other people featured: Kasia
Genre: Gallery
Music used: Sto perigiali to kryfo – Mikis Theodorakis and Chrisoprasino Fyllo (var artists)
Languages used: English
Animals/plants featured: Snails’ eggs? A strange egg pouch on the wooden walkway, and many local plants in this gallery.


About David J. James

53 year old accountant who loves languages, literature, history, religion, politics, internet, vlogging and blogging and lively written discussion. Conservative Christian, married to an angel, we have three kids, and live in Warsaw, Poland.

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