What’s the difference between…?

I say, I say, I say: what’s the difference between a social worker and a Rottweiler
I don’t know, what IS the difference between a social worker and a Rottweiler?
You get your kids back off a Rottweiler.

I say I say I say: what’s the difference between the Soviet Union and the European Union?
I don’t know, what IS the difference between the Soviet Union and the Euopean Union?
You get your countries back off the Soviet one.


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  1. I believe it is a good thing for the UK to leave. It is a pain in the neck for me personally, though and a lot of other people I know. So you might get a mixed message off of me fro that reason.

    I do say this: I would be happiest of all if we stayed to fight now and trned the EU back into what we actually wanted in the first place, and there are no shortage of individuals in all countries of Europe, plus the elected governments of some, that we could really work with to topple the federalists.

    In the end even leaving will not wave a magic wand at Britain. The spiritual malaise which has created the vacuum being filled by the Muslims, plus the Marxist forces at work to undermine our society won’t find it necessarily any harder to continue with the rot that has already advanced so far. We may simply find that immigration continues apace but not so many Christians from Central Europe, but more from Islamic nations instead, and we could be in a worse stae after all of this than before it.

    Nevertheless, every move away from the Superstate is a step in the right direction. New possibilities start to emerge. Maybe the end of days can be set back a little, so that more sheaves can be brought in.

  2. So are you FOR leaving or AGAINST? I thought your position was clear until I read the second joke above.

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