Every political interference in human affairs has undesired side-effects. (Poem)


Employees are given a lot of rights, so employers are scared to employ and try their best to stick to subbies.

Wives come out of divorces with all the assets and all the custody rights, and then the next generation can’t get hubbies.

The Government pushes diet advice like healthy whole grains then wonders why there are more and more tubbies.

We need less political correctness, rather to remember basic good manners, and what brotherly, and sisterly, and for that matter sexual love is.

One thought on “Every political interference in human affairs has undesired side-effects. (Poem)

  1. Hear,absolutely, hear. Whatever happened to the time that I had the right to say anything that was on my mind and others had the right to agree or disagree as they saw fit ? Or, better still, support or invalidate my view by way of a coherent and soundly-based ripost. Everything stated can be ‘offensive’ to somebody who is listening but unless one is deliberately trying to provoke or insult or both (and that really is quite a futile excercise) there should be no political prohibitions that prevent one speaking one’s mind. It is not possible to create harmony in society by making it a legal requirement that you ‘like’ everybody you meet. It is as absurd trying to create a society of a single point of view. Though this has been tried by various tyrants and sooner or later will fail. Instilling “Basic good manners” and values seem an alien concept in 2019. Part of this plight,I believe, is preoccupation with self and the other part political propaganda & lies being absorbed by (particularly the young) citizens. There is a wonderful analysis of the UK’s plight by journalist, writer and broadcaster Peter Hitchins on this link https://t.co/9vKoHu7zUR Rather long but well worth the listening to.

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