“If I say” by Jo McCafferty – video remix

Original YT playout date: 13 August 2008
Duration: 4:27

I was given permish by my talk radio friend and not exactly unsigned artist (she has her own label, but if Universal, Sony et al are interested, who knows?) Jo McCafferty who wrote and also performs this lovely song, among numerous others which you can find on her channel http://www.youtube.com/neosome and you can also see her talent on the Sunday night NTTBS shows on my channel.

I remixed the video a little bit, so you can go and see the original prior to the remix over on her channel! I’ll link to it off the video. There are also ways that you can buy the mp3s from her website.

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Location: Based on material received from Jo, plus some of my photos
Other people featured: Jo McCafferty
Genre: Original Song
Music used: If I say, by Jo Mc Cafferty
Languages used: English
Animals/plants featured: None
Other remarks: hints of Basia Trzetrzelewska in my opinion. Only better, If I may say.

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