Integration at Piknik 44 part 2/2



Original YT playout date: 16 November 2008
Duration: 31:04

The second and final part of our team integration exercise in Piknik 44. See inmpressive ropewalking and backwards medecine ball chucking activities and experience llamas and goats up close and personal!

I think this was, way back in 2008, just over 11 years ago, the slimmest I managed to get before the weight started to climb again. Right now in 2020, I got back down to a similar weight as I was then, and this time, using keto which I didn’t know about then, I expect to be going below that level.

I do remember this outing not from a fully positive basis because I was in a bad mood with Adam and got offended by him in a way that ultimately led to me quitting Grupa Strategia for a period of ten years, after which I returned.

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Location: Piknik 44, North of Warsaw
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