Huliganov’s Core ‘Ngrato

Original YT playout date: 17 December 2009
Duration: 5:02

Recorded some time back, only played out now, an extraordinary rendition of an old Italian number. But right now it seems to have gathered much more topicality. The ungrateful heart. He gave them umpteen channels of popular television, populist government, newspapers, a prime minister playboy with charm and charisma, not above teasing the German social democrats for being like concentration camp guards, and what does he get in return? From the ungrateful heart of the Italian nation, a disloyal lover, he gets a metal mock-up of the Milanese duomo smashed in his face. E nun c’e piense ‘cchiu.

There was supposed to be revenue sharing for songs performed with someone else’s track but that appears not to apply in reality, not to this one at any rate.

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Music used: Core ‘Ngrato, version by Gianni
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