King Thrushbeard – Russian Version

Original YT playout date: 14 February 2010
Duration: 1:27:05

This was made in Slovakia under socialism, but is extremely popular in Russia and the Russian version comes almost into the canon of Soviet filmography.

This is based around the Brothers Grimm fairy tale of the same name, which bears the number 52 in the list of Grimm’s tales.

A beautiful, but spoiled and shallow princess criticizes all her suitors. The last of her suitors is a young king with such a thick beard that she dubs him King Thrushbeard. The young king leaves in anger. Her father, exasperated and angry that she has scorned all her suitors, declares that the first man who comes to the palace the next day will become her husband. Meanwhile, an unknown stranger overhears the conversation…. (rest on Wikipedia)

This upload dedicated to my wife of course, for Valentines Day, and also to Gina (“”zina1078dbb””) and “”Velikaya Rus””. Both these ladies have done amazing work in YouTube to keep the old Russian and other socialist era cinema alive and easily available throught the world. I recommend subbing to both their channels if you like this.
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