My 1000th Video – what’s next?

Original YT playout date: 26 June 2010
Duration: 36:20

On the occasion of this making 1000 videos visible on my channel (in fact there are 25 more than that but the other 25 are taken to private on legal advice).

Drivelled and droned

I drivelled and droned on aimlessly for more than half an hour saying what’s in the first 1000 videos, how there’s more minutes of material on this channel, for whatever that might be worth, than any other channel I know (if you know different please let me know) and where it’s gonna go from here.

Basically, at this point, 1000 videos, 1 of my three targets for 2010 has been achieved just before the half year was up. Now the aims of getting 3 million views and 3,500 subbers still need to be achieved. In the meantime I am marking this point in the channel’s history with a small break. I will be in the meantime preparing new stuff to play out when the new season starts, and to find out some of the things I have in mind for that you’ll have to listen to the guff hereby visually and audially (?) appended. One thing’s for sure – it will be better and more experimental than ever. I’m always experimenting and the mix will change and develop from what has been here till now.

Two WordPress Blogs

In the meantime, please keep up with me on my two wordpress blogs. The serious one with all business and that in it is, and the one which is going to be the repository for all the non-business stuff, including all the films on this channel properly classified. As well as my old website stuff which my former host removed, with my hymns, various articles and posts from different places, the poems of Julia Stroganova and the entire canon of stuff about the goldlist, and much more, is . See you there, and see you back here in the new season.

Needless to say, if you haven’t subscribed, you won’t know when the next season kicks off, so please sub up, watch some of the old stuff again in the meantime, and stay in touch with your ratings and comments.

Statistics and Credits
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