What do I do when a girl rejects a kiss?

What do I do when a girl rejects a kiss?

Respect the decision

Respect her decision but don’t take it personally.  She may just happen to be in love with someone else or you may not be her type. Don’t be upset about it, however don’t be suddenly very different with her than you were before.

I am not in favour of asking, you have to be able to gauge it with eye contact, smiles and then do the lean-in. You cannot really kiss someone by stealth, or even if you can, you shouldn’t.

People don’t walk around with this sign on their clothing, normally. If they did, there may be fewer misunderstandings.

Something to exclude first

Always worth as well checking you don’t have a breath issue. Just to exclude that as a reason why, in the absence of any more obvious reason.

Kissing onus

The onus is on the girl to help you to create a situation where you can repeat it if she actually would like to be kissed and was simply taken by surprise.

No biggy, you’ll see


But the main thing is, don’t treat it as anything major. It is a minor thing, really minor, as you will know for sure in due course even if your cheeks are burning today. No biggy; it is a smally of the smallies.  You may feel that you have lost face, however, unless the person concerned was glanding some powerful acid that she herself was immune to, that is not likely to be the case in actual fact.

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Not really. This is part of a new series where I bring over, updating and re-writing where needed, the best of my answers to questions on Quora. I made a few of these in earlier years in chronological order. For now, I am moving them in the order of the number of upvotes received. These being the ones I would most regret losing. That is what they threatened me with over there for not being a Neo-Marxist. Over the course of 2022, on even numbered dates in the months, I plan to bring home to http://www.huliganov.tv as many of the best of these as I can manage. Where relevant, also to http://www.quoracy.com . I’ll be improving them, updating them, adding images. I warmly invite discussion below in each case. Enjoy!”

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