On friendship and Enmity

Playout date: 28 February 2007
Duration: 24:34
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Camera: Logitech Webcam
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker – slight use
Location: Jazdów 8A, Warsaw
Other people featured: Blueclue52, also known as Kevin
Genre: Linguistic Meandering
Music used: “Chto za druga my imeem” (What a Friend we have in Jesus in Russian)
Languages used: English, Russian
Animals/plants featured: Ameca splendens in tank behind
Other remarks:

In answer to the question from a viewer I was later to get to know personally, Huli talks about the various nuances of words for “friend” along with some etymogicalies.

This was the first of a series of series of Linguistic Meanderings, a kind of Hulirant but about words and language. Somehow or other we get into homes and mortgage fraud in the UK, in order to illustrate that the difference between the different “friend” words and ideas are similar to the words describe “house” and “home” – these nuances require in some languages different words, in others they don’t. What does this tell us about the priorities in different nations’ cultures?

In the end we have the description of the true Friend, and the Russian version of the hymn “What a Friend we have in Jesus”.

Quote of the clip: “It is better if your wife is your friend than your enemy”