Comment rejected by Newsweek today

This comment has been rejected by Newsweek, a publication which masquerades as centrist in order to get more subscribers.


Now that a number of countries which pretended to be leading democracies have let the mask slip, to use an apposite metaphor, and have crossed a line we didn’t expect to see crossed in our times, it is time for us to stop dithering and hit big government where it hurts. Taxpayer strike. Aka Defund the Government. The comraderie to be seen in these convoys goes to show that we get along a whole lot better without Big Brother breathing down our necks. We don’t need Galt’s Gulch. Let Homo fiscus go and hide in the rockies if they want to. There’s more of us than them and we finance every public worker’s take-home pay.

I am not paying them to waste my time, so I will just cancel my subscription. I have developed a zero-tolerance policy for censorship. If my views are not acceptable to them, then so should my money be.