Amapola a la Polska

Video number in my collection 70
Production date: 31 July 2006
Playout date: 31 July 2006
Camera: Logitech Webcam
Post Production: None
Location: Home on the terrace
Genre: Duet
Soundtrack info: Amapola, Spanish folk song
Languages used: Spanish
Animals featured: None
Date added here: 9 October 2010
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Number of views at time of posting: 997
Number of views per day: 0,7
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Dislikes at time of posting: 5
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Votes per thousand views: 9,0
Ratio of comments to votes: 78%

Fue visitado por Antonio Salvador Bau Montoro, un conocido artista y amigo mio de Espana, y cantamos juntos la cancion “Amapola”.

I was visited at the office by a friend of mine from Spain, the well-known singer and Aloe vera farmer Antonio Salvador Bau Montoro, and we sang the song Amapola for your enjoyment together, the first of three Spanish duets we did off the cuff.

Unfortunately we hadn’t had time to practice, it was all off the cuff, and we weren’t anticipating the frequent key changes in the track. We also couldn’t hear it as well as the computer picked it up, so the last verse is truly discordant on this. That is probably why more folk have disliked this one than liked it. It was fun though.

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