Video number in my collection 71
Production date:    31 July 2006
Playout date:    31 July 2006
Camera:    Logitech Webcam
Post Production:    None
Location:    Office at Jazdow
Other people featured: Antonio Salvador Bau Montoro
Genre: Duet
Soundtrack info:    Granada, a capello, Lara
Languages used:    Spanish
Animals featured:    None
Date added here: 10 October 2010
Number of days this video was up at time of posting: 1 532
Number of views at time of posting: 663
Number of views per day: 0,4
Number of comments at time of posting (don’t forget to click through to read the comments!): 3
Comments per thousand views: 4,5
Likes at time of posting: 4
Dislikes at time of posting: 7
Likes to dislikes ratio: 0,6
Votes per thousand views: 16,6
Ratio of comments to votes: 27%

 A second impromptu duet with my Spanish friend Antonio Salvador Bau Montoro, who visited me at the office one day, taking time away from his massive Aloe farm in Brazil. This version of Lara’s song was not practiced, just off the cuff, and the website with the words had them all muddled up, so once again this is far from perfect, but great fun.

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