Pool Concert (CUV)

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We’re continuing the footage from our 2010 summer holiday, which is only now, six months later, appearing on YouTube – such being the effects of the new “hundred rule” I’ve implemented. At least we have a bit of summer in winter time.

In this video my aunty and uncle appeared from several hours drive further south in France where they live and stayed a few days. Sophie decided to give a bit of a concert in the pool and some feats of swimming.

And here’s the result.

OK, Poll time. You heard some Abba on this, and you could see how it bridges three generations. Now the question:

4 thoughts on “Pool Concert (CUV)

  1. please what is the name of instrumental music you used for the pool concert. i enjoyed the vedio.

    1. It is the Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni (pbuh). You can hear it being played properly by looking at the following video:



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