Huliganov’s Russia #7 – Stroganoff Café

Original playout date: 3 December 2007
Duration: 3:59

A look at the home of Beef Stroganoff, one of Russia’s best known contributions to world cuisine, and a nice gallery of St Petersburg, with an “Acapulco” rendition of Group St Petersburg’s famous song “Okoldovana, ocharovana” by Diana Kopytina.

We finish by looking at the various busts by Admiralty Arch.
Quote of the clip: “This sphinx’ got no nose”, “How does it smell?” “Terrible! It’s t’sphinx!”

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Camera: Fuji Finepix
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker – medium use
Location: St Petersburg
Other people featured: None
Genre: Travel
Music used: “Okoldovana, Ocharovana” aka “Dragotsennaya ty moya zhenshchina” by the group “Sankt Peterburg, here sung a cappella by Diana Kopytina
Languages used: English, Russian
Animals/plants featured: Naturally occuring vegetation

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