Lost – the luggage series

Original playout date: 2 February 2008
Duration: 17:20

All my Turkish trip luggage appears to have been subverted to feed and clothe the Dharma project. Here I try and get some sense out of the system that the airlines have put in place to reunite people with their possessions. This was taken after 6 days, by today it’s been 9 days, still no news, and I still have to wait for compensation. Next week I will have to repurchase my entire luggage for the next Turkey long trip, and I still don’t qualify for compensation if the luggage is found before the end of the 30 days, as this person says. I’m not blaming him personally, but the system absolutely sticks. And SAS is much less respectful of its clients than KLM was in my case 15 months ago.

There are quite a few juicy one-liners and bits of sarcasm in this call.

Please learn from this to take a lot of care as to what you put in your checked baggage. I already took account of that, or the losses would have been much worse, but as it is I’ve lost well over the maximum compensation allowed by the airlines’ cuddly club for self-preservation and passenger abuse.

SAS is a low quality customer care airline, which I have avoided ever since and suggest you do likewise.

Quote of the clip: “I’d like a contact to the SAS, I’d prefer the British one to the Danish one”

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