Huliganov’s “Almost There”

Original YT playout date: 31 May 2008
Duration: 4:16

A rendition of the Andy Williams number “Almost There”. One of my perennial favorites.

My parents had an Andy Williams album and I used to listen to it as a boy and sing along to the songs quite a bit. So I tend to know some of this guy’s repetoire fairly well. Indeed I would describe myself as an Andy Williams fan and would be happy to visit his birthplace
one day. If there is one artist that deserves the london Philharmonic makeover more than any other (sorry Buddy, sorry Carpenters, I love you too) then this is the one it has to be, and it hasn’t happened yet. I don’t know if it’s in te pipeline, but if someone is in the know then maybe they can get this project going.

I remember once singing this number, or possibly “more” as a student in Russia. The band had never heard it and were trying to improvise next to my voice.

They made a reasonable job but kept on taking it in a strange direction or missing important chords. But still I have strange dreams about that. It was a very surreal experience. In fact I am not sure now if it was really Russia or if it might have been Armenia, which was “almost there” at the time …

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