Thursday Poll #5 – EU or UK – who’s wearing the trousers?

In today’s news, Mr Juncker has taken any kind of further renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement off the table. The backstop is what it is, so it is, as the Irish say, so they do. or at least Mr Darth Vadarker, the leader of the Teashop or whatever it is they call their parliament, does. It seems we don’t have many friends in Ireland, or if we do, they’re not being very vocal and they may need to go and kiss that Blarney Stone of theirs.

So we are left with two options. The withdrawal agreement was already voted on and ought not to be presented again in this Parliament without amendments and amendments are not forthcoming. Hence we are left with two choices:

1) No-deal Brexit
2) Cancellation of Brexit by the withdrawal of Article 50.

The option of a Second Referendum was taken off the table a long time ago from the government, and no delaying of March 29th is likely to be allowed without a U turn on that.

There being only two remaining options then, here’s today’s Thursday’s Poll:

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