Huliganov’s Venice Experience #1 – Visionary Sinkers

Original YT playout date: 31 May 2008
Duration: 22:22

This is the beginning of a short series about Venice and actually I am pretty happy about this one, it is, for the technology I had, quite attractively done. Of course I get nowt, as the third party music takes any cash that might conceivably come from the ads they run, but I didnt have really the big picture back in those days. At least I made some nice things I can enjoy looking back on and hope you will also.

The reason why we went to Venice was quite different to the reason the person we went to meet seemed to think he had invited us. It goes to show how you can, with every best will and ethic in the world, rub up against a certain element, and that’s all I have to say about that topic. Despite that rather shocking experience, we did have a great time, and did not, fortunately, experience the title of a certain Thomas Mann novella first-hand.

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Location: Venice
Other people featured: Adam
Genre: Travel on business
Music used: El Padri – theme from the Godfather – by Prague Philharmonic.
Languages used: English, Italian
Animals/plants featured: None
Other remarks: You will see Venice as it really is in this series. Soon, it will be a museum piece. Already there have been several serious floods there, since, as the sea continues its inexorable advance.

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