Announcing the Huliganov TV Summer contributors’ competition!

Volume also helps, but is less important than quality

As announced in today’s video uploaded on YouTube, I have produced some Huliganov.TV pens, five of which will be given to the five best contributors over the next 30 days (ie to the 7th August).

Winners will be announced the day after the contest, and if you’re one of the winners, to receive your prize you only need to provide their address and I’ll send the pen there.

The best contributors will be judged on the basis of quality, thought-provoking responses and comments on either the previously existing or the fresh articles that will be appearing daily over the competition period.  Volume also helps, but is less important than quality so spamming or simple repetitive commenting or “me too” style comments won’t earn much by way of points. Especially helpful points like feedback that can help make this whole thing better, collaborations or even referrals of your friends here will count in addition to the comment contributions.

Discussion can be on any of the topics in the articles here.

I am hoping to get some interaction going on here between my group of friends on YT. You never know when YT can simple pull the plug on your account for no apparent reason, and from one day to the next people have been known to lose contact with all the friends they made on YT. Copyright strikes or other strikes are easy to acquire and notoriously hard to work off… This way, if people get used to coming here from time to time, the party goes on even if that happens. Also the ability to have properly threaded discussions without the character limit could enable people do to a lot more than they can when trying to discuss in YT. That’s why it’ll be particularly good if discussions kick off here between contributors, not always just between individual visitors and me, like I was the middle of some exotic flower and you all the petals…

Hope to see a real “summer flowering”  of this blog, and hope we all have fun and learn something.

2 thoughts on “Announcing the Huliganov TV Summer contributors’ competition!

  1. Many thanks for your words, It is nice to be thought about in that way, although I don’t really think of myself in that way. I suppose that a lot of my output is the product of the fact that I really do relax this way. I feel very relaxed if I write a nice blog post or put a film together. It is a great creative outlet. I would probably feel a lot more tired if I didn’t do it.

    I would definitely encourage you not to add weight on. I am taking weight off, or at least trying to, for some time. And the reason that I now found out as to why the Vegetarian approach didn’t really work for me has now become clear from certain medical tests I recently had done. I’ll talk all about that in a post in the very near future.

  2. You are an exotic flower mainly for your capability of hard work. For me, and for many others the natural upper limit is about 6 hours a day, and anything beyond that becomes either drudgery or sheer madness which really kills us.

    You on the other hand, though things seem to have largely settled by now in your career, are apparently still working for about ten hours at least, in addition run and care for a family, and on top of that put up thousands of videos and posts. I didn’t check for them for some days, and meanwhile there are at least twenty new ones. I have lost track.

    What is your secret? Have you always been such a powerhouse? Or is it the way of living which obviously includes travelling a lot, seeing lots of different people, being constantly on the move, (hopefully) always in demand, always change and challenge etc.? Would you be same as overactive and energy-driven if you had to spend your days in the usual 9-5 office treadmill as a small employee (as probably most people do)? My father ran a small business and had to work for up to about 80-100 hours a week to keep it alive, though it really affected his health. Still he told me that he would not be able to endure the average 9-5 job for more than two months (as I had done for a couple of years).

    On a side note, I am also considering shedding some (i.e. lots of) pounds, but looking at your constant activity I wonder if I should rather gain some more, if shape is the secret.

Your thoughts welcome, by all mean reply also to other community members!