Hungary series #2/5

Original playout date: 15 June 2007
Duration: 0:107

We see the inside of Spoons restaurant, and its best toilet view in Europe, per Tatler magazine. But there are hoots galore in this video.

I get offered a “goot massage” while walking with the camera by some old slapper – for 100 EUR! Huh. More funny is another feature of Budapest’s nightlife the hustler who tries to drag you into a sleazy nightclub. I get accosted by one of these, calling himself the “Pussy Doctor”, and he truly is a hoot.

One of the most beautiful hotels the Gresham Palace Hotel, Budapest is also seen and some gallery shots of Horwath friends including the very impressive Mariusz Gomola, the world’s greatest Hotel and Leisure consultant, Andrew Kennard of Portugal’s Horwath firm and Deniz Yalcin, whom regular viewers of my stuff will know from the South Africa and Canada series as I could never resist hanging out with that remarkable lady.

Quote of the clip: “I would be too nervous to go in…”

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Camera: Logitech Webcam
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Location: Budapest
Other people featured: Horwath colleagues, pimps and prossies
Genre: Environmental
Music used: “Strange Magic”, ELO
Languages used: English and Hungarian
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Other remarks: Big Shout Out to CHI colleagues if you’re watching!

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