Wasteland Aborted


Original YT playout date: 26 September 2009
Duration: 34:03

An aborted attempt by Uncle Davey to read without preparation the Waste Land by TS Eliot, while Moggy struggles with deep questions of political philosophy. If you are on the right wavelength this should have you falling off your chair. It’s a serious discourse, with no humour or laughing.
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Playradio weightloss challenge Weight Update

Original playout date: 6 April 2008
Duration: 0:56

This video is significant in a couple of ways. Firstly, it is the first video on this channel connected to the time I was part of a community of listeners to a talk radio channel called Playradio UK. It involved such established UK talk radio talent s Tommy Boyd, Mike Mendoza and James Whale, but also burgeoned new talent from the co-presenters, as well as developing creativity on the part of listeners who contributed to the shows, one of whom was me.
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Uncle Davey discourses to Lord Moggy on the practical use of the Gold List System

Uncle Davey discourses to Lord Moggy on the practical use of the Gold List System

This is the fifth and final of the videos on the Gold List system that I’m posting here today, hoping to answer the questions of nearly a hundred people who got in contact with me after my appearance on the morning show “Dzien Dobry TVN”. This time the video shows how to distil and gives some thematic help to an Australian who is learning Polish (this gentleman by the way had not been able to learn with other methods and only started making progress with the Gold List method). Polish viewers may well be interested in seeing how someone from the English-speaking world would use the method to learn their language, and of course it works precisely the same way in the other direction too.

If having seen all these films, anyone has questions, then please either click through to the youtube video and ask them there (which will guarantee the quickest answer) or ask me here, and I will be pleased to explain anything not made clear so far. As there are about a hundred people asking right now, it will be no offence to anyone, I hope, if I ask for people to make the questions and answers public rather than one on one tuition. If someone feels they cannot ask in front of others and must have one-on-one tuition then I will probably ask for some kind of charitable donation to be made for it to the Overcoming Shyness Fund.

Dla tych, ktorym to wszystko nie za bardzo pomaga, bo jeszcze nie znaja angielskiego a wlasnie dlatego w ogole szukali u mnie pomocy, to niestety na dzien dzisiejszy nie mam jeszcze takiego wideo w jezyku polskim. Bede go tworzyl jak najszybciej, wiec prosze pozostac “na linii”. Po dzisieszym odzewu wiem, ze musze szybko go zrobic.