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Habemus Presidentem!

He's got the whole continent in his hands

Habemus Caesarem! Ave! Ave! Ave!

The white smoke has risen over the Atomium, and the Holy Roman Empire has its Caesar once again, and fittingly one from the province of Beneluxus, which started the whole thing off in the first place by pacifying the tribes of the Belgae, the Low Rhenish-Franconians and the Luxurians and forming a mini-union of peoples, which was destined to grow and grow over subsequent decades, taking over the Roman Empire and in turn being assimilated into it in a way that this Hermann’s arguable etymological forebear Hermann Arminius, two millennia earlier, could only have dreamed of. Finally Hermann has taken the Empire.

Even more fittlngly, this new Caesar is a poet, after the honorable tradition of the Caesar poet Nero, whom we can even say is a type of Rompuy. This New Caesar combines in his surname elements both of a Romulus and of Pompey, the lost treasure of the Roman Empire.

This newly elected (only not by the people, there’s the snag – in fact the old Caesars probably were the product of more democracy than we now have) vicar of Nimrod on Eutopian soil, the man whom fellow Bilderberger Kissinger can now ring up for a cosy chat, or tell Obama to, Mr Hermann Van (note aristocratic Van) Rumpy-Pumpy and his blue-blooded Baroness boiler counterpart, Catherine Ashtonne, are now going to take us into the next chapter of the sorry history of this continent. Are we supposed to get up and cheer for the fact that these two, whom not of the readers of this blog were ever given the chance to vote for the office, are now the most powerful pair of politicians in the world, presiding over the largest economy governed by one president? I’m not cheering. I’m weeping. You may wonder why Obama isn’t weeping suddenly to be displaced as Numero Uno Del Mundo by some chinless haiku-writing wonder from Eutopia? Because he’s in on the deal, that’s why. They are all working for the same masters.

The new European dream seems to be summed up in the fact that every body, regardless of how bad they look, can become President and first laide-y, as the French would have it, as long as they have either a baronetcy or an aristocratic surname. No elitism here. Oh no.

So, to celebrate the (heh) election of this new Poet President of Europe, I’d like to write a special poem in honour of my new state representative, that I didn’t get a vote for.

Here goes:

President Elect?
As in “we choose our leaders”?
I remember that!

If you can do better, please leave your haiku tribute to our Neo-Nero from the land of Samsonite, Brel and Jean-Claude van Damme and his royal consnort the Baroness of Upholland, who is no oil painting even in the Flemish school, in the comments box.

Please no haikus involving “Rumpuy Pumpuy” or any such puns as they are too obvious. I already did some of them myself but edited them out as not being worthy. Anyway, I can’t really see it, can you?

Hello, world

OK, so they gave me the title of my first post, but I felt it was not quite adequate to my literary aspirations, so I added a comma in.

As you can see, this is all very experimental right now.

This may continue even experimentaller, and in the end become one of the experimentallest, experimenfastest and experimenstrongest blogs in the blogosphere.

The thing is, I’m already a vlogger, but I want to do more writing as well as keep it going with the filming.

I set this up because I saw that on YouTube there is a chance to “link” one’s channel to a wordpress blog, and I just thought I’d like to see how that works.

The last time I had a wordpress vlog I had it on a totally separate website, on a domain I had bought via an anonymous third party in order to make some of my more hard hitting and controversial comments without risking becoming the object of some terrorist attack. The only problem was that anonymity took the spice out of it for me. The only frisson you get when saying something that is really near the knuckle is when you say it in an identifiable form. So yes, I really might get killed for what I have to say, but at the end of the day you die once. You can die being martyred for standing up what you believe in, or you can get cancer, have a heart attack, get murdered by a crackhead or crackheadess for his or her next hit, and of all those ways of dying, only the first one has any special promises attached to them in holy writ.Your "humble" narrator

So basically a lot of this may turn out to be what gets linked up automatically, but also I’d like to put in some of my articles and essays both reposts of old stuff occasionally as well as new.

I’d like to build up a subscriber base here like the fine one I’m lucky enough to have on Youtube. I hope that the discussions will be lively, and that people will come being ready to be challenged as well as entertained. They will find both the sublime discussion  of the purpose of Creation here, and the most ridiculous puns, sometimes involving wordplay spanning several languages.

If you like the sound of that, please subscribe to this, link to it, and come back early and often, like the proverbial voter.

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