They don’t make ’em like that any more!



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Production date:    20 July 2006
Playout date:    20 July 2006
Camera:    Logitech Webcam
Post Production:    Windows Movie Maker – heavy use
Location:    Home on the terrace
Genre Intro’d song
Soundtrack info:    Somewhere over the Rainbow – karaoke version
Languages used:    Northern English
Animals featured:    None
 This is actually a one off so far – the only film with Arthur Pettycommon in. I have had requests to develop this character and I’m sure that will happen in due course.
 The song “Somewhere over the rainbow” of course comes from the Wizard of Oz film – or at least that’s what made it famous. The film is also famous for transitioning between a black and white opening and colour, and that’s also being spoofed with the colour changes here in this film. Had I had the technology then that I do not, I could have even superimposed a whirlwind onto it!

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